ZPAK™ is the patented, single-sided clutch system that outperforms OE in torque and heat capacity without coning. For new OEM platforms, the ZPAK design can reduce the overall size of the clutch pack for a smaller, lighter assembly with greater thermal capacity. On existing designs, the single-sided plate can increase torque capacity and reduce core temperatures for a significant reduction in hot spotting and greater clutch life. And ZPAK takes the heat without coning. When used with the revolutionary GPZ friction material developed by Raybestos, the Z PAK system outperforms OE by as much as 30%. (*Mfg. Under U.S. Pat. 6,484,853 B1)


  • Significantly reduces maximum core temperatures
  • Outperforms single and double sided OE clutches
  • Perfect for every rebuild including heavy duty
  • Eliminates coning under high stress
  • Increasing transmission durability
  • Increases torque capacity
  • Made with GPZ material