Specialty Performance Products

Raybestos has long been an integral supplier to the automotive high performance and racing industries. Today Raybestos Powertrain’s innovative performance product line consists of a variety of premium friction materials developed to handle high temperature and high stress driving applications.


Ideal for high stress diesel or towing applications where horsepower and torque have been increased beyond OE specification.


SUVs, trucks, heavy duty vehicles, commercial vehicles, and all high stress driving applications that require optimum performance.

Pro Series Bands

Enhance band performance in high stress transmissions and are the perfect upgrade for heavy duty, towing and high performance rebuilds.


Front and rear wheel drive domestic and import street-strip or “Tuner” performance applications.

Gen-2 Blue Plates

Serious high performance and racing applications.

High Performance Steel

Greatly enhances wear and fatigue resistance thus providing superior clutch durability.

Z Pak

Ideal for 4l60/E/65E transmission needing increased torque capacity.