Pro-Series Bands


Today’s engines and transmissions are smaller and more powerful than ever before. They require higher drum speeds, more horsepower, increased loading and higher energy absorption. High energy equates to extreme heat, which can degrade and destroy transmissions. Raybestos Powertrain has developed an affordable high-energy band that addresses this problem of high stress in small packages. The premium Pro-Series™ band is constructed of Kevlar® fibers along with solids and resins that enhance band performance. Pro-Series™ bands are the perfect upgrade for heavy duty, towing and high performance rebuilds.


  • Resistance to extreme heat (up to 700°F)
  • Significantly increased durability
  • Higher holding capacity
  • Stability in high-energy conditions
  • Heat-treated anchors for greater mechanical strength
  • Special Kevlar® fiber blend w/higher friction co-efficient
  • Affordable performance for every rebuild