(HT) Hybrid Technology Friction Clutch Plates



Raybestos’ latest innovation now delivers smoother shifts and more durability for every rebuild. The Raybestos HT is a new generation of friction clutches that seamlessly combine the fluid dynamics of segmented friction lining with the strength and durability of a full friction ring. The unique, patented groove pattern and a proprietary blend of premium, high-energy friction material can reduce stresses during shifts and keep the components cooler, improving performance and extending the life of the rebuild.


  • Better-than-OE resistance to extreme heat caused by high-energy loading
  • Smooth shifts and stable performance with no sliding, bumping or chattering
  • Higher torque capacity than conventional high energy materials
  • Low material compression, a critical factor in maintaining piston travel
  • Tight production tolerances for fast, hassle-free installation
  • Excellent distribution of pressure evenly through the clutch
  • Longer clutch and transmission life after rebuild

 Patent: U.S. D803,116 S